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His shoulders are OK, but that's hardly enough to make him believable as a quarterback.[quote]the actor best known for his role as Finn Hudson in Glee, has not announced his sexual preference My first boyfriend never announced his either. Doesn't ping for me at all, and I usually think everyone is gay. Forgive me bitches, but I have been late to the party on Glee, and finally caught up with the series. I normally don't turn into a fan girl but Lea Michele is SO HOT. Where a stunned world slowly realizes this super phenom doesn't sing one word of their material. Where a stunned world slowly realizes this super phenom doesn't sing one word of their material.

It just sort made itself known as it jutted out 7 3/4" or so from his pelvic area.[quote] Mathew is gay. Upon further research, I'm discovering that there are some serious lesbian rumors surrounding her. Um, no r42, I spent time with him outside of work situations and socially. The slightest hint of his gayness and every chorus queen would have been on it in a heartbeat. Sweetums, 1967 controversy was about them not playing their own instruments in the recording studio. This is direct from the set: Miss Michele is a first class, manipulative, CUNT. Ask anyone about the bouts of "stomach problems" that halted shooting.

They're all overworked - think Judy at MGM (which is scary . Anyway, I always thought Chase "pinged" but I knew for sure he was gay when I read a tabloid story saying that Matthew and Chase were hanging out a lot "picking up women together." HA! It was quite a stretch to cast Monteith as a quarterback. His body is classic couch potato, not athletic at all - skinny legs (just sticks where his calves should be), paunchy gut, and woman hips.

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One girl would be behind the bush with me for a minute and the other girl would be timing us. But if the world (aka network bosses) thought they were all singularly unattractive people they'd never be on TV in the first place, they'd never get through auditions.[quote]No matter what way I try bend the sentence I have no clue what you're trying to say, [R33]. This is gonna end up like the fucking Monkees isn't it?

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