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24-May-2016 14:55

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For example, phobias that more traditional forms of therapy healed in 14 years could be resolved with NLP in 45 minutes or even less.I’ve personally experienced this, actually—a phobia I’d had for my entire life (27 years) has been gone for the last 2 years after a friend worked with me for about an hour using NLP techniques.Oh, and did I mention this is also the best way to gain that confidence that women find so irresistible?So listen up, because the real value of NLP has nothing to do with getting other people to do what you want and everything to do with destroying your own insecurities, approach anxiety, and learning how to gain a truly confident core. My favorite definition is “the study of getting results.” As in, what steps do you need to take to get a certain result (for example: making ,000,000)?But it’s not just for phobias—I’ve used it (and my clients have used it) for a whole range of things, including adopting healthier eating habits, letting go of past anger and resentment, getting over exes, being more confident and relaxed in social settings and when having to speak in front of a room (I used to be a disaster on stage!

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Like most “alternative” practices, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) often gets a bad rep, especially in the pick-up world where it’s been peddled primarily as a way to mind-control women into the bedroom.

There are many pick-up artists and dating coaches who have completely bastardized NLP as a sleazy, underhanded tool of manipulating people against their will (and no, I’m not naming names…).

Well, it’s important to remember that there are no shady practices—only shady people.

As an NLP trainer, I want to share with you just how powerful NLP really can be (when used for good) at getting you the results you want in life; no sleazy manipulation of others is required.

NLP wasn’t developed for pick-up; it was developed as a means of potent psychological healing in all areas of life.And contrary to what even some “well-informed” journalists have said in articles about pick-up, Neuro-Linguistic Programming wasn’t created by Ross Jeffries, though he clearly has studied it.

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