Nick and selena are not dating

05-Jan-2015 00:22

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Ladies, wouldn’t it be better if one of you just picked up the phone and agreed to meet and talk?Miley, spill out your suspicions and give Selena a chance to respond.Nothing that we’ve found out at Hollywood proves that there is any truth behind any of your worries.And Selena, you are just adding fuel to the fire by responding to Miley publicly. But — and this is a big but — when Miley and Nick, 22, broke up, Selena stepped into her relationship shoes and got romantic with Nick in 2008. Miley must have thought that Selena violated the “girl code” of never dating one of your girlfriends’ exes.

Miley “is convinced that Nick cheated on her with Selena while they were still together and she’s still bitter about it,” a source close to Miley, 22, revealed to Hollywood exclusively.You two are young and in the exact same business; you will be running into each other for decades to come.