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Once a platform has proven this to be true, it becomes the backbone of a company’s website –– no matter how large that company grows.

Equally important, however, are a quality, responsive and technically adept support team, and a commitment to an impressive 99.99% of uptime SLA [service level agreement].

With this platform in place, Chuck Levin’s connected a legacy ERP system (i.e.

Yet, this success and brand recognition was once in peril –– and it was the internet age to blame.

While the physical store continued to modestly grow year-over-year revenue, its online store suffered from a poorly conceived ecommerce platform that generated slow performance, poor aesthetic and a lack of a truly scalable ecosystem that catered to the regular needs of commerce –– things including shipping, taxes and more.

This underperforming online store affected the brand through low consumer shopping confidence which hindered checkout conversions and created –– at best –– an underwhelming brand experience.

In 2014, Chuck Levin’s set out to change the fate of their online presence and provide a cohesive, end-to-end experience that would address its online channel’s largest pain points: flat sales, low conversions and poor consumer shopping confidence.The details of this now successful shift were the main topic of conversation at an event in Toronto, Ontario on June 16, where the multiple agencies involved in creating the current Chuck Levin’s experience spoke to the benefits of Saa S for an enterprise brand.