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10-Jan-2016 13:13

When the application is started or when the network address has changed, each configured proxy server is checked to see if it is available by attempting to download the auto Config Url or by sending a ping command to the host machine.When the download succeeded or a ping reply is received, the proxy server will be used and optionally the command is executed.The Work proxy has an automatic configuration script located at " and if this one is detected, a "Connect To Shares" batch file is executed.A separate connection is also defined for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.It has a proxy server specific to the VPN connection, and an alternative proxy server that is not automatically detected but can be manually selected if needed for some reason.The automatic detection is delayed for 5 seconds to allow a security check to complete.It will also automatically re-detect the proxy server when the computer’s network address has changed.

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The application can be started as a regular application, which will make it run as an icon in the system notification area.

When started, it will auto-detect the proxy server to use.