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02-May-2016 02:11

Canada has a diversity that is unrivaled by other countries.

Before President Bush, that number was closer to 5,000."We often get asked if Maple Match is something like a joke or a hoax," Mr.

There’s no shortage of free dating websites that promise to help you find that special someone.

Donald Trump may become the President of your country! "If that happens, and you decide to get the hell out of there, might I suggest moving to Cape Breton Island!"Americans entertaining Canadian citizenship can fill out an online questionnaire to determine whether or not they are eligible.Maple Match isn't the only effort to help potential Trump refugees flee America.As promised on the website, Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins, the Canadian island of Cape Breton is ready to welcome United States expatriates with open arms."Hi Americans!

As Donald Trump gears up to win the Republican nomination, some Americans are beginning to consider moving to Canada should they feel the need to flee the country after the November presidential elections.

And with the help of Maple Match, Canada just got more attractive.