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They left behind pottery shards and triangular points dating back to 900 AD.This was known as a "sleeping place", and offered grateful shelter to weary travelers.Today, Oligonunk is known as Franklinville, the location of Indian Caverns.He has never seen more perfect or beautiful specimens of Indian relics found in Pennsylvania.During the summer of 1916, it was a great pleasure to accompany Dr. Morehead and Alanson Skinner, in the "Susquehanna Expedition," down the entire length of that river.But, in all of the territory covered by this expedition, no relics were found showing more perfect or beautiful workmanship, than those found in Indian Caverns. The cave is situated on one of the main Indian trails leading from the Iroquois habitat in western New York to the Juniata Valley.The cave was beyond all question a favorite gathering place of the Indians of the far distant past, as well as of the historical period, as the artifacts found in the cave reveal.

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The relics belong to the Iroquoian and Algonquin groups of tribes, and all of the relics belong to the period before these tribes were in contact with the white traders or settlers.The artifacts found in Indian Caverns reveal that the cave was used by the Indians throughout their history in this part of the country. The earliest tribe known to have inhabited the cave were the Susquahannocks, nomads who used the cave as winter quarters until about 1600 AD.