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Ayo Pilih Negara kamu dalam Conquest 3 Kingdoms, jadi Penguasa terkuat, satukan ketiga Negara, dan serang hingga titik penghabisan!!Do you have what it takes to become a true shinobi? Select your favorite anime characters and prepare to fight! Do you dare to join Naruto and Bleach in this new fighting game? Are you brave enough to challenge one of your friends to a fight, or would you rather team up against the computer?Link your attacks together in a deadly combination and kill anyone who dares to cross your path. This version of the game also includes Sasuke with Susanoo as characters, and a new transformation for Naruto! It's the ninjas of the Naruto series versus the Shinigami, Quincy, and powered-up human of Bleach! Play as various One Piece or Naruto characters and try to defeat your enemies! Visit various locations from the series, meet new characters and decide your activities for the day. Fight against all the super strong bosses in this game! Hit them hard and let them feel the power of your special attacks. Naruto and his friends are back for a new exciting fighting game. If you're the last one standing, you can call yourself the ultimate fighter! Of course you know who Naruto and Luffy are, right? Are you brave enough to challenge one of your friends to a fight? Play as Sakura and use your charms to make either Naruto, Sasuke or Rock Lee fall in love with you! You can also play with your friends and pick your favorite character from the TV show. Prove that you're the best and beat the other team up. This time all the fighters are gathered for the final showdown. Show us how strong you are by beating your opponents.

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So use your charm and intelligence and having fun dating various women.

Conquest 3 Kingdoms merupakan permainan simulasi strategi yang terdiri dari 3 negara WEI, WU, dan SHU yang menguasai daerah masing-masing di masanya.

Pick your favorite shinobi or shinigami and decide which character has the best franchise. Choose a team and start the battle against the other team. It is up to you to prove that one is stronger than the other! It's the newest installment of Bleach versus Naruto. The entire population is holding their breathes for this final battle. Select your favorite character from Naruto, One Piece or one of the other anime-series and start the battle!

Naruto Date Simulator is set 100 days before the biggest fighting tournament of the year and even in qualifying many fighters have died so you want to have some dating fun before it starts.

Use different attacks to knock your opponents down and save your stronger special attacks for the perfect moment to win the match. Choose your favorite anime character and defeat all your enemies. On Funny you'll find the best collection of Naruto!

Are you brave enough to challenge one of your own friends? You can battle against the computer or against your friends. You'll find no less than 40 different Naruto, such as Naruto Online & Naruto Ninja World Storm 1.

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