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Gilda is also said to have a 17year-old son she didn't declare when she met and married Ruke and he has just found out. I love u to bits Gilda: But seriously I am scared of her now! SSG: No cause for alarm Gilda: (kisses)GILDA AND SOUTH-SOUTH GOVERNORGilda: Gdm. How can someone who said she cannot imagine sleeping with becos u don't appeal to her at all, that she will first kill herself, she will throw up if she kisses u and all sort of nasty stuff now need u so much that u r d only friend she has. Maybe you U really don't know me Gilda: I have decided NEVER to talk about her again and trust me it's over and done with! She is off to…on wed till Friday and that as soon as she comes bk its off to…both of us. Again d juju she is using on ex captain dull baby will soon get expire ad he will react lyke a man. WERE U EDIOTS NT D ONES WHO SAID HA OMONI IS A BETTER MARRIED WOMAN DAN OMOTOLA HAHAHAHHEHEHEHEHEHEEH NA TODAY? As 4 Omoni, dat Nnamdi or wateva his name is is unda a remote. a day will come where una will see the truth for yourselves there is no need of defending anybody if Omotola is sleeping with men outside of her marriage which i'm positively sure she's not let God expose her and any other actress that are doing the same thing nothing is hidden under the sun but until then if there is no evidence of such then please stop making false accusations about Omotola she hasn't wronged any of you so I don't know what your problem is THIS GOATS SHOULD JUST LEAVE OMTOLA ALONE!!! POLITICS is not NOLLYWOOD,they don't have time for playing anyone doubt what am saying then you may just want to consider this:why was others name published and the governors name witheld? Her husband Amata must not been doing his husband duty. Is dt wot u recommend as we try 2 correct our errors hia. God did not say a woman's sin is greater than a man. 7) that a person who will go this extra mile to expose Gilda is clearly after her and is capable of renaming two separate bbms to carry the sed names while the perpetrator of this evil act can type away to her heart's content! 8) that while publishing the content of the chat, the evil person who decided to address the gov as SSG and not his real bbm name is proof that the document has been edited thereby tampered with? 9) that there is a role reversal in our society today in which most women are the bread winners of their homes thereby exposing their wives to these wolves, true or false I ask you men, what do you expect really when she is pressured to do things to fend for the home cos the man of the house won't grow a pair.10) THAT AS A FORMER VICTIM OF THE EVIL WITCH CALLED STELLA DIMOKO KORKUS, SHE WILL DO ANYTHING TO RUIN OTHERS ASBSHE IS VERY BITTER BY NATURE, IN MY CASE SHE RESORTED TO BLACKMAILING ME BUT I DID NOT BILGE, SHE EVEN TRIED TO TURN FRIENDS OF MINE AGAINST ME BUT GOD VINDICATED ME!!!

The whistle blower reportedly forwarded the BB messages to Ruke Amata, who admitted being a recipient, and several others via e-mail, including a married Nollywood actress (Omoni Oboli) who was implicated as allegedly warming the bed of the South-South governor and a jeweller.Gilda was also discovered to have 17-year-old son whom she hid from her husband. These are the actors in this mind boggling escapade that stupefy…The story that has unfolded in the home of actor, Ruke Amata and the famous Amata clan is the type found in the kind of movies you watch in Nollywood, unbelievable and shocking. Taiwo, make sure to stay back in NY with these your "nice" opinions. The problem with you women is that you are turning everything to competition, men do it so we will do it! You also sounded like one girlfriend I used to have, so bitter because she could not control me.