Nadia bjorlin still dating brandon

16-Oct-2016 01:05

He and his sister were extremely close as children, and were sent together to Colorado shortly after starting school.

Although Sami returned to Salem during high-school, Eric was well out of school by the time he finally came home, when John and Marlena became officially involved because Eric believed that his parents (Roman and Marlena) belonged together.

The two became romantically entangled, although their relationship was strained when Nicole's past started cropping up.

When Eric had to focus all his attentions on Sami's upcoming trial for murdering Franco Kelly, Nicole got involved with Lucas, and Eric got involved with an older woman, Greta Von Amberg.

He also believed that his amnesiac sister Sami was faking her memory loss.

With Carrie and Mike, Eric tried to find out what Sami's big secret was, and on the day that Sami was set to marry Austin, they realized that Will could not possibly be Austin's son, and that Sami knew.

Shortly thereafter, he met Nicole Walker, a waitress at the Java Caf.

When he started working at Countess Wilhelmina as a photographer, he thought she would make the perfect model.

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Carrie rushed to the Church to stop the wedding and to humiliate her sister.

Although Eric felt horribly guilty for the role he had played in his sister's pain, Sami soon forgave him, because she realized he didn't do it to hurt her.

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