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Right up until he’s away on a mission, Wanda’s got horrible cramps and she turns to Bucky. Eyes wide and backing off with hands up, head shaking. “It’ll be heavier towards the begin-”“Never mind.” Bucky swipes an entire shelf-worth of pads into his basket and hopes for the best.

“No, no, no, kid, no - this is NOT my area.” He winds up in the pharmacy, hands on hips, staring at a wall of different sanitary products and has to call Steve, who’s mid-battle.

Plus, being trapped in the fictional world and having no power or clue on how to save yourself would have sucked.

okay but in all seriousness i bet it’s a real hazard to cry or even sit on your bed looking unhappy at Avengers Tower because Steve “Mom At The Ready” Rogers WILL appear in your doorway wearing something soft and saying “Hey.” in a gentle, compassionate voice Bonus : They get used to it, in the end, and wind up kind of relying on Steve and his compassionate ways. ” There’s a loud explosion and then a ringing noise, before Steve cuts back in.

“There’s a confession before about W being fanfic writers’ dream come true.

I have to also say that it’s also fanfic writers’ nightmares written well.

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Imagine the horror if the fictional characters you write came to life and you have no control over your stories despite being the creator!And being forced to continue writing even if you don’t want to.