My christian daughter dating mormon

02-Oct-2015 02:49

It was on our first date that I told my gentile friend Mike that I could only marry a Jew. He was just my longtime racquetball partner and calculus buddy.And I guess it also wasn’t really a first date, because if he didn’t want to do what he did from that day on, it would’ve just been a really awkward night, which two friends would have had to pretend hadn’t happened when they played racquetball the next morning.Additionally, a core Mormon belief is that you can only be united with your family in the afterlife if you are all on the same page–the same page of the Book of Mormon, to be specific.My husband’s Mormon family came to our wedding enthusiastically–with the women dressed modestly and the men in dark suits with starched white shirts, very much like my religious Jewish family.Soon, Mike started coming to Temple with me and celebrating holidays with my family. His intellect was sharp and keen as a Talmudic scholar, noted my Rabbi.He understood the importance I placed on raising Jewish children with two Jewish parents.I don’t think they had ever met a Jewish person before that they knew of, so I felt a bit under pressure to make us look good.In general, they ask a lot of excellent questions about Judaism, and although their story begins where ours ends, I marvel at some of our similarities: their Sabbath is a day of family, study, and avoiding technology.

On our first meeting with the Rabbi, though, he asked Mike point blank, “What religion were you raised and what’s wrong with it?” Came the answer: “Nothing’s really wrong with it. Sunday school, accepting the priesthood, baptizing the dead, family in Utah who don’t drink hot beverages and strongly disapprove of “Big Love.” Should I stop now? that he had happily had since he left the Church due to disbelief and disinterest at the age of 12.

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