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10-Nov-2014 21:03

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I cringed a little internally — it seemed rather fast — but told him that if he was really interested in a monogamous, exclusive relationship, I’d be willing to give it a go.He pondered that and said that maybe he’d jumped the gun after all. ” I suppose if it had been someone other than the man who’d been calling himself my boyfriend, I would’ve been flattered.

That is, until a girl friend who was on called me one night to tell me she’d found his profile.

“Well, I mean, he probably had it before we started dating, you know, and forgot to delete it, I’m sure it’s not a thing,” I told her.

He was constantly losing them and holding up shooting trying to find them, because after a certain time of night it was ‘the cocktail hour’. Basically, my character Miles had a brand new quarter-of-a-million dollar car, and the crew just knew I’d take it out on the Canyon roads during lunch. 28 years later I’m still fishing in my pockets for new cards. I remember a mist descending that day and the sun was shrouded and I thought, ‘Oh no! ’ But just before I asked Juliet to marry me, the mist dispersed. And luckily the doves hadn’t suffocated in my pockets. Other than that, it’s respect and learning never to take each other for granted. … continue reading »

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Ein Nachteil ist, dass es eben keine klassische Online-Dating-Seite ist und ursprünglich nicht darauf ausgelegt ist.… continue reading »

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The dorks were getting crunk and the rest of us were getting drunk. I was hoping he'd do something more inspired like sniff his armpits but Matty had a habit of doing that. Attention to personal hygiene was just one of Matty's many stellar attributes. It wasn't the inciting incident of some sappy teen special about how I got knocked up on the last day of summer camp. … continue reading »

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