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04-Feb-2016 10:31

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weekend show, invited 15 friends to his one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan’s East Village.

Not one of them touched the green pepper he’d cut up for kicks. Kornacki is still nursing a hangover when we meet for dinner at a Midtown pub the next day. When you spend your week furiously mapping out a newscast only to wake up at a.m.

Hayes made the show a hit in the hinterlands of weekend morning television, especially among the kind of millennial viewers who make advertisers drool. That he’s doing so through a mix of nerdsmanship and old- fashioned shoe leather, as opposed to partisan zeal, makes him a curious specimen of cable news, where the loudest, most opinionated pundits tend to win the most eyeballs.

“He’s doing something unusual on TV,” says Josh Benson, a close mentor and one of Kornacki’s former editors.

“Most people used to be exposed to only a select cross-section of gay people,” says Kornacki.

“But the atmosphere has changed so much, and so quickly.” At 6-foot-2, with flawless skin and teeth that look like they were ripped from a Colgate commercial, Kornacki is nothing if not telegenic.

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Can you be gay if you’re a politics nerd who loves sports? (See also: Nate Silver, the star statistician who now has his own slice of the ESPN empire.) You can, in the same way you can be gay if you’re a muscular dude like Thomas Roberts who never looks out of place talking current affairs with resident MSNBC man’s man Joe Scarborough.

I remember seeing drag queens and men dressed in skimpy attire and thinking to myself, ” It wasn’t until his sophomore year of high school, at a basket- ball game where the guys he was with were ogling cheerleaders, that Kornacki began to wonder: “Why wasn’t I looking at the cheerleaders that way?

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