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01-Aug-2016 08:07

In doing so, they will introduce you to a world within a world, show you thematic fractals, and magnify intricacies that elude the general population.

Dating a cinema student can be quite a learning experience.

Then the other sites ask you some personal information and try to match on that. What we believe is a faster and much more meaningful approach to find you someone special or find a new friend.

By getting into a conversionation with something we all know, the ice is immediately broken and you can know right away if you want to take your chats further or move on to another someone special.

See, we break the ice with you and someone special, almost immediately by getting you in a conversation, a real discussion if you will about...?? Everyone loves to go to the movies and everyone has a favorite movie.

Cinema students, however, are of a different breed.

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They watch silent films, black and white films, foreign films; films that require thought and introspect, films that avoid shortcuts and nutshells, films that are multilayered and captivate an audience with minimal sensationalization.Something conceptually along the lines of a new age “My Fair Lady”.

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