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27-May-2015 04:56

Because of this, I will write lists of the best NHL jerseys throughout this week, starting with the colored sweaters that teams wear on home ice.The colors aren't terrible, and the all-black look is somewhat intimidating, but hockey jerseys don't have wordmarks with numbers on the front instead of a logo. Not to mention, there is hardly any design to the jersey other than a few small white and gold stripes. At least there is a logo on the front of this jersey (albeit not a great one), but other than that, it's basically the same story as Dallas's threads.The colors aren't bad by any means, but they are used by too many teams in the NHL and the template is the exact same boring look as the Penguins.Something about this jersey makes it look kind of blank.Yes, Nissan's supercar killer is doing its civic duty somewhere in the U. The best part about all of these intimidating cop cars is that they're bound to make you see the police differently.It's really hard to hate a cop when he is cruising around in a car that you could only dream of driving.Here's hoping all of these intimidating cop cars will make you think twice before you decide to speed.These police cruisers are a little different from the Ford Crown Victorias that cops usually cruise around in.

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Most sports fans can agree that the NHL has the best and most interesting uniforms out of all the "Big Four" major professional sports leagues.

This week, ESPN's Uni Watch has been having fans rank uniforms in each of the "Big Four" leagues, and also having their experts rank them.

The color scheme is unique, but very dull and on a boring template at the same time.

The Penguins need to make some changes to either the template, the colors, or both so that one of the league's better teams could have some better jerseys.

These customized cars are designed to chase down the fastest and most furious criminals.There are few people in the world who have the skill to outrun a Nissan GT-R.