Moldavian battle flag dating from stephen the great s time

15-May-2016 10:26

Celebrate it or castigate it, summer movie season is upon us, and this year's lineup is hardly lacking adrenaline.

In the coming weeks, we'll preview a slew of smaller releases that will relieve your glassy eyes from the next four month's special-effects spectacles, but for now, it's all about the box-office benjamins.

We promise to offer high standard packages for any needs and take care of everything.

Moreover, since the satisfaction of our guests is our main priority, we will try to fully perform any special request.

That movie is cruising around with summer-style box-office figures, marking the first in a long line of films gunning for the coveted billion threshold -- and we haven't even hit the May benchmark yet.Come August, we'll still be awaiting titles like "Fantastic Four," which could also coast to 10-figure sums.