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Cybke Murisone was a tenant of part of Kethik in 1504 and in 1528 Archibald Murson was a bailie for Arbroath Abbey in Banff.

Records show that John Murescun was a follower of Campbell of Lundy in 1529 and William Muresoun was reidare (a reader or one in minor orders in the Scottish church after the reformation) at Crouden in the 1574.

In the same year, one Johannes Murysone is listed as a burgess of Kircaldy and Sir William Mureson, a cleric, was admitted burgess of Aberdeen in 1491.

Please contribute any information that you may have regarding this by adding comments. The given name Maurice is derived from the Latin "Mauritius", a derivative of "Maurus" indicating "a moor" and Maurice was the name of several early saints, including a third century Swiss martyr.

MURISON is not a common Scottish surname and it is predominantly connected with Aberdeenshire. Variants of this surname includes Muirson, Murieson, Mureson and Murrison.

George Muirsoun of Ferne was a follower Walter Ross of Morange in 1596.

According to the "officers and Graduates of Aberdeen" several Murisons graduated from the university since 1670. Alexander Falconer Murison, and his son, Sir James William Murison, Judge of the British High Court, Zanzibar (both appear on family tree).The given name Maurice is derived from the latin mauritious, indicating a moor, possibly further evidence of the templar connection.

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