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29-Jan-2015 06:34

Per the Web site itself, Chatroulette is a “brand new service for one-on-one text-, webcam-, and microphone-based chat with people around the world.” Its austere design contains a single chat box and two fist-size webcam boxes — one for you, one for them. For as much as the Internet has accomplished in its 20-plus years, the “stranger’s face,” someone who sees you at the same time you see them, has been the exclusive domain of real-world interactions.

Nevertheless, in a world where distant friends spam your Facebook inbox with Mafia Wars notices, Chatroulette’s unmediated platform might save us from our own monsters.

Well, one production company decided to take Chat Roulette to a whole new level – a live-action, choose your journey video game.

“Real Life First Person Shooter” takes unsuspecting viewers and lets them “control” the live actors.

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A year or two later it started missing curfew and smelling funny, and after it was caught at the wrong kind of party and had its car privileges revoked, Chat cut its hair, ironed its clothes, and got accepted at a competitive college. After personal interests came user accountability, user-generated content, and ultimately, what we have today: relentless real-time documentation.

After a transitional freshman year, it now calls its parents every weekend. Virtually all online interaction hinges on one of two assumptions: that you’re organized by a common interest, or you’re already part of a real-world social framework. In practical terms, this isn’t learning to brush your teeth with the opposite hand; it’s brushing them with your friend’s foot.