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As this is the first time that Suda is appearing as the lead in a romance movie, he said that he had practised actions such as the kabedon and agogui but there were no such scenes in this film.

This led the audience to laugh but Suda followed up with the comment that he thinks that the film turned out to be a love story which he's proud of despite the absence of such scenes.

On the other hand, Komatsu commented that when she saw her name being mentioned first on the script, she felt a sense of pressure and wanted to do well so as to match up to her co-stars.

Reflecting on the intimate scene she had filmed with Suda in the sea, they actually practised it at a swimming pool before the filming but she could not sink to the bottom of the pool due to the weight of her wet uniform.

The screening event of new movie "Oboreru Knife" for junior and senior school girls was held on 3 November which was attended by the leads Komatsu Nana and Suda Masaki who were met with loud cheers once they appeared after the screening.

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During the event, the cast were asked questions by the students including whether it would be better to pursue their dream first instead of love during their teenage years.Komatsu said that there is also to learn a lot from love so there's no need to give up on love to pursue dreams.Likewise, Suda echoed the same view although he acknowledged that the teenage years is a volatile and insecure period for most people and that chasing your dreams is also very important.As such, they had to attach weights for her to sink in the water.

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As for the question on what was it that they did recently which made them happy, Komatsu asked the students who replied that they enjoyed watching the people who dressed up for Halloween.This led Suda to comment that he wanted to go out to see that too but eventually gave up on the idea.

When searching Alcala's apartment the police found several pictures, many of young girls.… continue reading »

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