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Emergency protective orders (EPO) and domestic violence orders (DVO) provide protection from harm by a family member or someone you are in a relationship with.id=10049&state_code=KY&open_id=11260&lang=en Note: The definition does not include a boyfriend / girlfriend with whom you do not have a child and with whom you have never lived.id=10049&state_code=KY#content-3802] done to you or your minor child by any of the following people: * your current or former spouse; * your parent or step-parent; * your child or step-child; * your grandparent or grandchild; * a boyfriend / girlfriend with whom you currently or formerly live(d) "as a couple;" * a boyfriend / girlfriend with whom you have a child (regardless of whether you ever lived together); or * IF THE CHILD IS THE VICTIM, a child can file against ANY person living in the same household with the child regardless of their relationship or against the parent's boyfriend/girlfriend who lives with the parent or has a child with the parent.* NOTE: The definition does NOT include a boyfriend / girlfriend with whom you do NOT have a child and with whom you have NEVER lived. id=44769] does cover those types of dating relationships. id=10049&state_code=KY&open_id=11260&lang=en#content-3804Yes. The law says that a "victim of abuse" can file a petition for an order and there is no specific age requirement mentioned in the law.In addition, another option is that any adult (even a non-relative) can file on behalf of a minor who qualifies for an order.* * KRS § 403.725(1) Yes.

Also, remember that the abuser's actions may be considered a crime that can be report to law enforcement or for which you can file a criminal complaint at the district court clerk’s office in the county where the abuse occurred.To see a list of common crimes in Kentucky, go to our Crimes page.