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The idea would be to introduce the Flash on Arrow next season before sending him off into his very own series.Much as The CW did/is doing with The Vampire Diaries (The Originals) and Supernatural spinoffs.Guillermo del Toro was weaned on epic fare like this, so his Pacific Rim is no doubt a valentine to those cherished movies of his youth.Here's a wonderful fan-trailer created in the dramatic Toho style of the '50s and '60s, with blaring titles, bad dubbing and ominous music to set the mood.This trailer was created by You Tuber "honda brigit" to coincide with Pacific Rim's Japanese release on August 9th and to salute those kaiju-krazy years when Toho was truly king of the monster movies.THE FLASH Looks like the CW superhero landscape is about to get even more crowded.

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We like the idea of The CW expanding its DC universe—as has always been the network’s goal ever since the end of Smallville.Arrow’s a great show, and we’re expecting Berlanti and Kreisberg’s magic touch to spark Flash into life.

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