Midsummerseve dating

23-May-2015 23:00

Although I ad not heard of this dating site before I was asked to review it, it has been around for six years which is quite a long time with sites coming and going on the online dating scene.

It is not the most slick looking of dating sites but benefits from a personal touch and the added extras like free chat.

For more information about trusted members, please see our help page. Now you can view all their conversations in one place.

Unlimited messages - no restrictions on messaging (non-Essentials members can send up to thirty messages per day up to 10000 messages). Fantastic way to get to know the real person through their writings and thoughts.

Midsummer's Eve is the online dating, friendship and fun site that has been established for six years, and has hundreds of thousands of loyal members throughout the UK.

We're different because we offer loads of free stuff to get members coming back time and time again - like free pub nights, free days out, free messaging, free chat, friendship circles and much more.

Signing up is easy but have your descriptions ready because you have to enter them during sign up.

The Seven Secrets of Online Dating - this priceless handbook of information gives you all you need to succeed in the world of online dating.

There is also a very good ratio of men to women men 49.48% to woman 50.52% You can run a search on Midsummers Eve before you register to give you an idea of the members in your area.

The we site is very basic but it works really well with good quality profiles and information arranged neatly and easy to use.

This is a pretty good deal, and I am amazed I haven't come across this site before as it is almost a free dating site. - see who is logged in right now Top of the search results!

For a very reasonable fee you can upgrade your account to Essentials Get the "trusted member" label Trusted member - increase other members' confidence in you by getting "trusted member" displayed by your profile. - who is sending winks and kisses and voting you funny, clever or attractive? - more "membership points", so your profile is further towards the top of the search results. - see conversation threads you start online straight away - no hanging about waiting for them to be reviewed. - interested in exactly what a particular member has to say?Includes the mistakes you are probably making right now and how to avoid them.