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Here are some words to describe me: redeemed by the blood, in covenant with YHVH, torah observant, knitter, shepherdess of goats and sheep, mommy of five, homeschooler, country girl, best friends with my hubby, writer, trying to be organized homemaker, dyer, and, of course, lovin’ my rubber boots! An Online Messianic Community welcoming Jews, Messianic Jews and Christians in the search of truth and fellowship.

answers some of the questions frequently asked about Messianic Judaism.

land of Israel, the families of Shimon and Hannah prepared to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Hanukkah. Additionally, because friendships are important too, we also provide opportunities to make friends in the Single Messianic world.

This is the account of Shimon's Search for Wisdom, that would create ripples in the history of the world. Read hundreds of true stories, share your own story anonymously, get feedback and comments, chat in the discussion forum, help others, meet new friends, and so much more-hi + welcome!

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The Tenach (the Old Testament Scriptures) provides the foundation of our Jewish faith, and the New Covenant Scriptures (which were also written by Jews) the completion of our Jewish faith.

In fact, the Hebrew Scriptures themselves affirm that they are not complete, but that God was going to make a New Covenant with the Jewish people (Jeremiah -34).