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19-Feb-2016 21:26

X_x I wasn’t allowed to go to a boarding school after passing common entrance in primary 5 cos I was “too young/small”. In conclusion, I’m coming out to say this as testimonial to the fact that it is definitely possible to be cool folk today with no deformities socially,physically, psychologically, physiologically or emotionally and still be virgin or celibate.

Got admission into King’s College the next year, but ended up a day student all my six years there. All my siblings, by the way, went to boarding houses far from home. The default reaction I get when I tell people I’ve never had sex is However, I personally know many, many people like me who are likeable, correct people, well accepted by society who have remained virgins by choice.

Then I tried to get into ABU Zaria in my first Jamb attempt ’cause I heard they have one of the best art schools and got accused of trying to ‘run away’ (I passed but the results of everyone in my centre got cancelled). They would not all declare it to the whole world like this because they deem it unnecessary.

I ended up getting cajoled to pick Unilag in my next attempt and now I’m a ‘proud’ Unilag alumnus. I, however, am of the opinion that too many young ‘uns today make the decision to do away with their virginity like a soiled diaper out of the misconception that .

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The knowledge that there are people who greatly value your words and take them to heart? And maybe at the end of this, you can even tell me whether or not this falls into that category. It always came in different variations but the idea was always the same. I’m not trying to shove it down anyone’s throat o, neither am I trying to put anyone who doesn’t subscribe to my decisions or preferences down.

*sigh* I almost wasn’t allowed to go serve when I was posted to Katsina but… They need to know this, that You don’t HAVE TO be that way if you really don’t want to and that Not everyone is doing it…