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09-Jan-2016 18:43

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I can't stop thinking about him and I have no idea if he's thinking about me but if he did he would have contact me way more frequently so I'm going to have my heart break soon.

Now he's away in training and I hardly hear from him maybe once a week.

I felt like we had a great connection and chemistry but I don't know if he's genuine or playing me because he's so unavailable at times and then so into me other times and I'm going crazy because I have strong feelings for him now and he's leaving for his deployment in a couple of weeks, then I have no idea if he will be thinking about me or if I'll even hear from him again at all.

I live in a different country and have developed a fondness for this man even though i have not met him before.

We chat on video chat when he is in an area with internet access and we have engaged in cybersex. He says he likes me a lot and calls me his woman but can not promise me much in terms of commitment as he will be deployed again after his 3 month break..

I am scared but i care for him and i spend sleepless nights if he is in a 'challenging' area so to speak. wow I so know how you feel right now :-(I met a guy online and we've been together about 4 times.

He told me right away that he's going to get deployed very soon and he was only in my area for specific training at the time.

He has already purchased tickets to come and see me when he is on his 3 month break.

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I met a man on an online dating site and he has been in deployment for over a year.Initially he said he wanted us to be friends but now we have become closer.I don't want to look clingy or desperate so I try so hard and not text him but I told him how I feel about him and now he's all quiet again.This is like a slow torture, I can't even imagine what it's like staying in touch once this person is deployed and away for entire year.

He says he broke up with his girlfriend before he was deployed and had actually asked me to visit him on his break but due to work and study commitments i am unable to do so.I have never met this man and i have become so attached to him ,i call him ,text him and even send him treats all the time. Do you think he would just use me because he is lonely and needs company? Should i just follow my heart or throw caution to the wind?

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