Mayan dating system

29-Jan-2015 12:02

In a decimal system the positional value is met as soon as we reach beyond number nine. In the Maya system, a one followed by a zero equals twenty.Our numeric system employs ten symbols to represent each one of the digits.

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Greek and Romans, with all the force of their spirit and all the strength of their institutions, did not manage to find these principles.

Just try to write down a large number using the Roman notation to see how important are the notions of positional value and zero.

The Maya system is based on the number 20, not on the number 10 as our own.

This came closer to the duration of the solar year. By using different means and correlations, it has been established that the year zero for the Maya calendar corresponds to the year 3113 B. Taking all this into account, it is clear that we now have all the necessary elements to translate long count Mayan dates to Christian dates.

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Maya numerals were written with only three symbols: a dot for one; a line, which is a five, and the glyph of a sea shell to represent zero.

In that way, And the first twenty numerals would be: Another miracle produced by the Mayan culture was the calendar, a system more precise than the Gregorian corrected calendar, which is the one we currently use.

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