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It's not just "Lost" Day: Today, April 8, is also Rex Manning Day, the fictional holiday that has sprung up around 1990s cult classic "Empire Records," which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.One of the main subplots of the flick, which takes place at the titular record store on the date in question (eagle-eyed viewers can spot the date on a poster on the door), centers around an appearance by onetime teen idol Rex Manning (played by Maxwell Caulfield), an aging lothario who's deluded himself into thinking his music is still relevant -- and has the ego and overly-coiffed hair to prove it.I’ve been sent a couple of racy photos before, and thought, ‘I’m supposed to call you now? She knows I think she’s the most beautiful woman on earth, and not allowing the green-eyed monster to take over is a very attractive quality. Jessica literally put her hands over her eyes and said, ‘I don’t want to shatter the illusion! Mark (played by Ethan Embry, who was going by the name Ethan Randall at the time) is especially excited about Manning's arrival, dreamily declaring during a tense moment, "We musn't dwell. Are you enjoying being a part of the Emmerdale family? But what I like about this show is that if you get a good storyline, you really get a good storyline. But often the most celebrated actors have huge humility – it’s the secret of their success.

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He was constantly losing them and holding up shooting trying to find them, because after a certain time of night it was ‘the cocktail hour’. Basically, my character Miles had a brand new quarter-of-a-million dollar car, and the crew just knew I’d take it out on the Canyon roads during lunch. 28 years later I’m still fishing in my pockets for new cards. I remember a mist descending that day and the sun was shrouded and I thought, ‘Oh no! ’ But just before I asked Juliet to marry me, the mist dispersed. And luckily the doves hadn’t suffocated in my pockets. Other than that, it’s respect and learning never to take each other for granted.

They placed these guys on the set entrance to stop me. I proposed on a hilltop at sunrise and I had two magician’s doves in my tuxedo pockets, which I released. Also, I think it helps if the wife is the one to bury the hatchet. Basically, guys hate apologising, so even if the woman makes a small gesture, it’s amazing how fast us men will fold.