Maxine gomez dating

25-Jan-2015 13:25

Justin asks Rosie out on a date and they become a couple.Justin sets up he and Rosie's first date on the terris of the Russo's apartment.Zeedrik thinks that the Russo's and Rosie are angels of darkness and everyone runs out.Rosie is influenced by Gorog and leaves her job as a guardian angel to become an angel of darkness.Gorog assigns her to make Justin Russo fall in love with her so they can use them to their advantage as part of their plan for angels of darkness to take over the world.was kicked out of Wiz Tech and sent to Justin's tutoring class.Rosie is bringing the class down as she is hopeless in magic.

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Rosie was a guardian angel and she was teaching her student, Tina.

It is unknown how, but eventually Rosie met the angel of darkness leader, Gorog.