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26-Jan-2016 19:21

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Unfortunately, after reasoning and talks with 2 different customer service, they just gave me 26.01$ back, and after changing their talks different times, they told this is their policy and it has been written in their subscription page.I told them that "I have verbally told your team member, and he assured me about future cancellation and even in case of mistake, he told there will be an email notice for renewal."When today I talked to them, first they told "we have sent you an email", but when I checked again and showed them there is no confirmation or renewal email, then they just easily told: this is their policy to not to send emails or remind people after even 6 month (which is obvious for many people to forget) about recharging them. And I told them that "I even told your team member about cancellation after the last period and told him I do not want to continue with you."One of them told me "We are in a bad situation that we cannot refund people." What does it mean?Because of dissatisfaction, 3 month ago, I was cancelling my match account.

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He assured me for safety, but "Without any emails or notice for recharge or renewal", yesterday I found that I have been charged "106.99$" on credit card for more 3 month.I recognized it after 6 days of charge and soon today I called them to get refund for money that has been charged without my consent.