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Sure, this Tumblr may not be the first page to play around with the contrast between the lives of people getting married and those still enjoying singlehood -- there was a similarly named Facebook group created a while back -- but there's plenty of material to go around when it comes to some of the issues that single women encounter, such as arriving at a party only to learn its all couples, for example.

The Tumblr pokes fun at not only the well-meaning words that married friends tend to pass on to their single friends -- such as "you need to put yourself out there more" and "you'll find love when you stop looking" -- but also the subtle forms of admonishment that can come from those friends if you're, say, going out a lot, ending a relationship that isn't working, or having trouble moving on from an ex.

Such arrangements remain far from mainstream acceptance.

Bud Izen wasn't prepared for the reaction he received the first time he brought his two girlfriends with him to synagogue in Eugene, Ore.

The rabbi stopped the trio in the parking lot outside the synagogue and grilled Izen’s partners about whether or not they were really Jewish.

I really feel adding this statement piece really took this "plain" suit up one notch.

So goes the theme of #myfriendsaremarried, a recently launched Tumblr that addresses many of the unfortunate situations, cliched advice, inappropriate questions and harsh judgements that single women sometimes face.

Izen hasn't been back since, but he and his girlfriend -- now his wife -- still engage in polyamory, the practice of having more than one intimate partner at a time.

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It is distinct from swinging in that it typically entails more than just sex, and from polygamy, where the partners are not necessarily married.

Polyamorous relationships often are hierarchical, including a “primary” relationship between a couple that can be supplemented by a “secondary” relationship with a girlfriend, boyfriend or both.

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