Marriage dating parents history of marriage

09-Dec-2014 05:48

Before 1940, a residency requirement was mandatory for brides residing in a specific county in Indiana. When finding marriage records in Indiana, you should know that marriage licenses give you specific information.

This information includes the name of the bride, groom, the date when the marriage took place and the person who performed the marriage ceremony.

Marriage licenses however do not fall underneath the state's jurisdiction prior to 1818.

Through an Indiana marriage records search, marriage records can be found through searching records by first or last name.

Some marriage records in the state of Indiana were written by hand and kept on record in a log book.

It's best to research marriage records by accessing online databases and also by visiting archives of Indiana.

Quakers in Indiana, who are an exception to the rule, between the dates of 18 were not required to get a marriage certificate from any county due to their religious faith.

Finding marriage records for your ancestors who were Quakers can be found in the county clerk's office or throughout Quaker records in Indiana.

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