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22-Apr-2015 08:02

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Certainly, over the time you were separated, you have lost the special connection you and your spouse have both shared. Focus on rebuilding the friendship between you and your partner.Becoming ease again at each other, being friends again will certainly bring the trust back in your marriage.They usually think that when they have saved their marriage, they will no longer face marital problems. No couple, no matter how strong and healthy their relationship is exempted to face marital struggles.To guide you accordingly, here are the top ways to save your marriage after a separation: Whether it was infidelity, money issues, addiction problems or personality differences which have caused your separation, the first step in recovering your marriage is rebuilding trust.

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“We came from a separation and we’re trying to work things out, how shall we start in saving marriage?

” Couples who just had been separated and are in terms of recovering their marriage face the question above.

They can also be external factors, such as the opinion of your family and of your friends about the idea of marriage recovery. Those negative factors are but part of this process. Indeed, this whole thing about saving marriage shall pass. As for recovering your marriage, you shall go to marriage help programs.

Nevertheless, you and your spouse should not let those negativities affect your actions. The sessions will be helping you with the necessary steps to take.

At this point you are expected to have buried the hatchet and have forgiven each other.

Well, rebuilding the trust is as difficult as rebuilding the relationship. Since there is no magic formula in rebuilding trust, the initial steps you can do is to rebuild the bond.