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20-Sep-2015 18:31

Another concern is that a wife/girlfriend may want to be the 'only woman' in her man's life.

So, accepting his mother with equal or more importance often leads to conflict and jealousy." Understand the difference Chulani says logic and reasoning can eliminate anger and jealousy.

She explains, "Women want to see their man as a provider and someone who is independent.

So, when they see him dependent on his mother, they may be unable to relate to him in terms of emotional dependency.

), the fact is, it determines whether you appeal to women as a potential date or not. Wants all attention Varkha Chulani, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, adds, "Being a mama's boy means someone who devotes more energy to his mother than girlfriend/wife.

While it may sound absurd on the surface (after all, there is nothing wrong with loving your mum, right?

She adds, "Women should accept that there are different kinds of love.

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He is caring, sensitive and worships the ground his mom walks on. These are the main issues that women who date mama's boys face." Why a turn-off? A woman would expect her man to stand up for her, prefer her to his mother and spend more time and money on her.There may be conflicts in the relationship regarding important decisions — for example, the time spent together.These may eventually lead the couple to grow distant.

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Also, sometimes, the man may make plans in accordance to his mother's expectations.He may even be dependent on her while taking important decisions.