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The Global Cultural Leadership Programme is a component of the Cultural Diplomacy Platform launched in March 2016, to support the European Commission with the implementation of a new ‘Strategy for international cultural relations’.Candidates presenting coursework as part of a subject's assessment may be asked to attend for an interview.

SEPTEMBER 2017Registrations for the September 2017 session and for revision of papers for the May 2017 will be accepted on dates indicated on the candidates' results slip. Late applications for the September 2017 session will be accepted from at the MATSEC Support Unit.Very late applications will follow and will close unannounced. Applications for the 2017 May session are being accepted by the Exams Department. You can check the final results of Xterra Malta 2016 at the link below (PDF), including full, sprint & relay distances.Xterra 2016 Results X Well done to all the participants!

IELTS tests are held regularly at the Exchange Buildings.The number of places for each session is limited and applications close before the indicated closing date once all available places are booked.