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It includes — but is not limited to: Note the implications of the proverb: “Actions speak louder than words.” In essence, this underscores the importance of non-verbal communication.Non-verbal communication is especially significant in intercultural situations.Americans, for instance, appear almost obsessed with dress and personal attractiveness.Consider differing cultural standards on what is attractive in dress and on what constitutes modesty. We send information on attitude toward person (facing or leaning towards another), emotional statue (tapping fingers, jiggling coins), and desire to control the environment (moving towards or away from a person). But need to recognize: 1) incredible possibility and variety and 2) that an acceptable in one’s own culture may be offensive in another.While some say that facial expressions are identical, meaning attached to them differs.Majority opinion is that these do have similar meanings world-wide with respect to smiling, crying, or showing anger, sorrow, or disgust.Probably non-verbal differences account for typical difficulties in communicating.All cultures are concerned for how they look and make judgements based on looks and dress.

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Note the following: In USA, eye contact indicates: degree of attention or interest, influences attitude change or persuasion, regulates interaction, communicates emotion, defines power and status, and has a central role in managing impressions of others.

In addition, amount of gesturing varies from culture to culture. Restrained cultures often feel animated cultures lack manners and overall restraint.

Animated cultures often feel restrained cultures lack emotion or interest.

Illustration: An African-American male goes into a convenience store recently taken over by new Korean immigrants.

Definition (CBC): “nonverbal communication involves those nonverbal stimuli in a communication setting that are generated by both the source [speaker] and his or her use of the environment and that have potential message value for the source or receiver [listener] (Samovar et al).Basically it is sending and receiving messages in a variety of ways without the use of verbal codes (words). Most speakers / listeners are not conscious of this.

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