Magic the gathering dating

28-Sep-2015 19:21

There are all sorts of misconceptions about these players; they're nerdy, socially awkward and not too skilled when it comes to dating.

Some have even dubbed playing Magic a deal breaker.

And they are funny and they are fun to hang out with. By the time I started dating, I'd already been involved in the business end of it.So they had seen it a little differently than if I'd just been a player.Smitten Kittens, have you heard of Magic: The Gathering?It's a super popular card game and the vast majority of its fans and players are men.

So of course when I found out a big Magic event was taking place just a short drive away from me, I had to do some field research.

A few weekends ago, I hit up the California state championship for Magic: The Gathering. In between rounds, I grabbed a four dudes to chat all about Magic, dating and that whole nerd stigma. But, I have had a couple who have said it's pretty nerdy or that someone in their family plays.