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24-Oct-2016 07:25

For many, i Message works fine on a Mac, but it’s acting up on i OS devices. If you’re experiencing the issue, here’s what you need to do: You i OS device will now be reactivated on the i Message server, and any problems you may have experienced with sending or receiving i Messages should now be fixed.Initially it seemed Apple’s servers were the problem — as they often are when i Message has problems — but that’s not the case.Instead, it appears to be a simple bug that can be easily rectified with a quick bit of tinkering. This problem has been affecting users since i OS 7 made its public debut a couple of weeks ago, but Mac Trast reports that it’s gotten worse since Apple released i OS 7.0.2 late last week.On the i Pad and the i Phone, the same TV Provider section is available in the Settings app, located below the section for signing into social networks.Single Sign-On is designed to allow users to sign in once with their cable credentials to access all live cable content available through their cable subscription, even when it's spread across multiple apps.On the fourth-generation Apple TV, Single Sign-On settings can be accessed by opening the Settings app and navigating to accounts, where a TV Provider section is now available alongside Home Sharing.Customers can sign in to a service at this menu and will presumably be able to access all content associated with that subscription.

It seems a lot of users who upgraded to i OS 7 last month are having issues with i Message.

Apple’s Support Communities forums are full of complaints from disgruntled i Phone, i Pad, and i Pod touch users who cannot send or receive i Messages anymore, and you’ll find plenty of people voicing their frustrations on Twitter, too.

Hotwire is available in Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, while GVTC is only available in a small part of Texas, including north of San Antonio and the Gonzales area.

With the limited availability of Single Sign-On, it will only be available to a small number of Apple customers to begin with, but Apple is undoubtedly working to get more providers on board.

Sometime over the course of the last few hours, Apple appears to have quietly activated the much-promised Single Sign-On feature for the Apple TV and i OS devices, making it available to developers running the tv OS 10.1 and i OS 10.2 betas.

Single Sign-On, as rumored, appears to support only a limited number of cable services, including Dish, GVTC Communications, Hotwire, and Sling TV.