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Just as Margot has feared, life is indeed full of surprises, but not all them are bad. People here are open to impromptu adventures; they easily change from work overalls straight into an evening gown or entrust their destiny to a shaman, if only for an hour.The plots and characters in the seven novellas evoke memories of the delicate style of Leningrad cinema and the times when the old logo of Lenfilm Studios — the Bronze Horseman — ensured the viewer that what was about to unfold on the silver screen would bring a thought-provoking and ultimately human experience. Director: Natalia Kudryashova Screenplay: Rafat Samigullin, Natalia Kudryashova Cinematographer: Eduard Moshkovich Starring: Polina Kutepova, Gerald Auger An ordinary day in the life of a Petersburg tour guide: a smile, the text memorized by rote years ago, and the bus-tour route, with scenic spots coming up on schedule. It seems that the life of tour-guide Marina has been reduced to a chain of days, each a carbon copy of the other, gray as the asphalt of Nevsky Prospekt.She has two kids, an ex-husband, and is pregnant again. She also has a monotonous job and hires babysitters for the children.On top of that, there’s Tanya’s mother — always displeased with the Liberals and her former son-in-law. On the other hand, if it weren’t for her mother, Tanya would have to go to her checkup at the hospital alone.On the bright side: the checkup reveals no complications or abnormalities. Petersburg mansard, summer, alcohol, and a handsome stranger—what else does a girl need to have a wonderful evening? Margot is only twenty-three but she has already come up with an excellent plan: to come to St. Jump off before life presents her with some nasty surprise.It’s better to die young and drunk, without cancer or gray hair, before WWIII begins, or the world’s oil reserves are depleted.Release date: 22 September 2016Premiere: Kinotavr Film Festival 2016Format: Feature film Genre: Comedy, Drama Director: Anna Parmas, Natalia Kurdryashova, Aksinia Gog, Natalia Nazarova, Oksana Bychkova, Avdotia Smirnova, Renata Litvinova Producer: Sergey Selyanov, Eduard Pichugin, Natalia Drozd, Natalia Smirnova Production: Russia Production Companies: CTB Film Company, Lenfilm, Globus Film; with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Administration of St. This city makes you believe in miracles: that you could soar above its rooftops, that its bronze sculptures could come to life, and that its poet Joseph Brodsky could be saved by shooting a film about him. A Selfie comprises seven novellas about the beautiful city of St. The film tells a story of a real, living and breathing city, rather than a mythical phantasm.

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Or, as fate would have it, a brick falls on your head.But it seems that fate has something completely different in store for her.

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