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18-Nov-2014 00:11

Is there anything you can do as a parent or a friend?

Is he constantly emailing her, or text messaging her, or calling her cell?

If she would like to go out with her friends, but does not feel she can out of fear for how he will react then she is in an abusive relationship and does not even realize it.

Does she stick up for everything he does even when it is not right?

It is important that you do not gang up on him as parents.

Even close friends can be resented if she feels you are always out to get him in some way.

Does he get mad or yell at her if she doesn't immediately reply?

If she is edgy or feeling like she has no room to breathe you have to really question the type of boyfriend he is to her.

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rules of dating after a divorce

As long as you listen and make yourself available to talk to you can help her see what is really going on.

Let's look at the signs and how you can help if you think a teenage girl in an abusive relationship.