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02-Feb-2016 08:38

This is one of my favorite outfits because it looks like a skirt and shirt, but it’s really a dress.I think the length is appropriate and I like the pop of color, but it’s not enough to be too distracting or be noticed (which is why I stay away from wearing prints at a wedding).For years I struggled with what I should wear, as well as balancing the desire to be functional, professional, and represent my brand.To be honest, when I look back to outfits I wore my first year of business, I cringe. I once heard I should dress for the job I want, not the job I have.I particularly like this dress because it was only …at full price.

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What you’ll notice is a pattern of black clothing in my work attire.

For whatever reason, I feel like wearing black is understated and allows me to work without drawing attention to myself.

A lot of my outfits in the past month were sleeveless because it was hot.

Unbearably hot, if I was being honest, but when work demands being outdoors, the key is to look professional and not necessary like I’m ready for afternoon tea.

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If this was true, I was dressing to be a vacuum saleswoman or Cupid Shuffle instructor. Today I’m blogging photos of outfits I wore as a wedding photographer in the past month for Kori and anyone else who might be interested.If you’re disinterested at this point, I heavily suggest you mosey on to a different part of the web because we’re gonna get into shoes, clothes, and a whole lotta jsuche.

If you think you have something super secret that no one else should know, just don’t tell me about it.… continue reading »

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