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Best Mexi-casian coming-of-age moment Being a halfsie in Sacramento. Food & Drink: Best place with soul (and delicious food) Broadway has a whole lot of soul. Then you can practice your newfound skills—or just nurse your twisted ankles—at a dance party until midnight. If nothing else, the paramedics will find you alluring when they come to take you away. Pre-register online and save off the usual to ticket price. Your fellow Sacramentans are out there looking to appease their sexual appetites, and our local Craigslist ads can provide voyeuristic thrills and exhibitionistic chills. People & Places: Best Midtown institution A tale of three corner stores. But downstairs, owners Anna Sharp and Jenn Duggins have created a chick-friendly place to shop for whatever strikes your fancy—alone, or in the company of a playmate. We can’t explain it, but there’s something about that perfect ending in the quest for a soulmate that makes these shows addictive. Milongas at Tango by the River It’s hard to argue that there’s a dance more seductive than the Argentine Tango, with its close embraces, dramatic dips and high-slit skirts. This isn’t just another Midtown meat-market—if you prefer to hook up with someone who pays more attention to your name than what you paid for your watch, head on up. Not only is the comedy and poetry free, you’ll also get a chance to find out just where your potential love-match’s sense of humor hides if you start with Life Sentence, the poetry and comedy open mic at Butch-N-Nellie’s Coffee Company. GRIND & GROOVE Jenn Duggins and Anna Sharp display a few “accessories” from their woman-friendly store. The places that sell them are too often painted garish colors; located in, shall we say edgy, neighborhoods; and frequented by sketchy-looking guys with pockets full of change. It’s also helpful when it feels like a safe spot to ask a question or two.

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Locals tell us all about their diverse communities.Plus, you won’t have to wade through a lot of spam and posts from people halfway across the country. So do corporate, no-culture wannabe-coffee-monopolies. It makes sense, then, that you would want to experience your roughest emotional meltdown in a place that you won’t mind avoiding in the future.