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06-Nov-2014 05:50

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In Finland Tinder is more or less a “booty call” – app but I have discovered that it has many beneficial aspects as well: I met some really wonderful local girls/women who have helped me by giving information and advices etc.about Santiago and Chile before I even came to Chile.But it goes without saying that knowing Spanish helps A LOT.I am using the unofficial Windows Phone app “6tin” which allows the users to locate themselves anywhere in the world, even if they actually happen to be somewhere else.I started to swipe Tinder of Santiago already in Finland before I even arrived here.I am writing about my own experiences and expressing my own opinions.If there is a slightest chance that you may get offended or you don’t like what you are reading, I highly recommend you not to continue any further. In Chile, I don’t know is it because there are so many people in Santiago (and users), but I feel the same way about it here.

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I don’t think that even the language forms too big barrier.I met some gringos in hostels that have done some serious banging even without knowing Spanish thanks to Tinder.