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16-May-2016 20:31

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I think I feel the need for other companionship and friendship with another woman.Most people think that it would be wrong, but I just don't have the heart to divorce her when she is so disabled. No place to go, but can''t anyway even if we wanted. I find it very cruel to just divorce her, but I am so bored and lonely most of the time. She gets extremely fatigued and makes it so every weekend I have off, we are stuck at home. I still work, but my work only has a few people there and rarely much work to do.I've read through all the replies, and I have to say, I do not see this person wanting sex outside the marriage any more narcissistic than the view of the commenters who are accusing a spouse who is considering having sex outside the marriage as narcissistic. If your spouse was unhappy living in forced celibacy, (sex is a healthy, natural, and very happy/pleasurable life experience), that you would say "you made a vow! And judging another based on your values and beliefs, insisting your way is the only right way? If you unconditionally love someone and you see they are hurting, would you not want to help them if you can?Is it not just focusing on YOU to say that since you cannot be sexual, they have to live with it?I've been living with a spouse who has been physically unable to have sex for the past 9 years.He had cancer and had a surgery that basically castrated him. We talked about open relationship, etc., and went to counseling.

After we spent many months talking through it, he at one point agreed to having some sort of arrangement where I could take a lover. For women, when we have sex, our bodies produce oxytocin -- a powerful hormone that causes bonding to another human.

When a mother breastfeeds her newborn, this same chemical is released and moms (generally) bond with their baby. Sleep with a woman, and you're potentially going to have to deal with the attachment piece.

He was further ordered to have no contact directly or indirectly with the U. federal Medicare insurance program and is required to voluntarily surrender his medical license. On May 10, 2000 the College of Psychologists of Ontario revoked his license.… continue reading »

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