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05-Feb-2015 01:07

Most times, it’ll be inappropriate to do it at his parents’ house, so he’ll have no other choice but to find random places for the two of you to get it on.The forest and the back of his mom’s minivan are prime examples of some of the exotic locales to which you’ll be treated.

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His parents are likely in a comfortable stage of their lives and able to afford some swell luxuries you can enjoy, too.If you’re lucky, you may even be granted access to their liquor cabinet on special occasions.It’s a skill to be able to coexist in the same household as one’s parents, especially past the age of 30.Anyone who can do this is likely easy to live with.

You may have noticed that our current economy has very little love for Millennials.As a result, a number of men have succumbed to living at home for slightly longer than what is socially “acceptable.”Instead of boycotting and ridiculing these dependents, I believe potential mates should look on the bright side.

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