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20-Sep-2015 08:11

You will be spending time with strangers in order to convince them to contribute to your breast implant surgery.

In order to give you some perspective here is how ‘free breast implants’ contrast with the treatment you would receive at a professional plastic surgery.

Today Dr Anh is going to help you become aware of these problems and help you choose the best breast implant option for you.

By applying to one of these sites you are doing 3 things to your mind and your body.

You will be: So really what you will be doing is simply be paying for your breast implants with a different currency.

Strangers on the internet do not take into consideration your psychological wellbeing – they cannot recommend a suitable solution to any conditions beyond the aesthetic.

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Third party opinions from strangers on these sites are not professional nor are they concerned with your feelings and mental health.By asking others for their opinion you are also making yourself susceptible to harmful bullying and comments that can affect your self-esteem and cause Body Dysmorphia.