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23-Sep-2015 05:50

Terrorist Attack Against Florida Homosexual Nightclub is a Total Fake – Complete Fabrication Could it get more inane than this?

What an arch-Zionist, sophomoric, terminally corrupt hoax it is.

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This is tied, though, to a real shooting in Tel Aviv, where a professor who had written two books, Dr.In the above photo the two men appear to be holding up a poorly dressed dummy. That does appear to be a pair of pants with no human inside. There are no injuries that could account for the red matter.Moreover, there is no way a person with gunshot woulds would be standing about upright, and there would be a pattern to such wounds: entrance and exit lesions.It is one last, supercilious attempt at ‘gun control.’ The damage to the ‘nightclub’ is also fake, fully staged, which is clearly evident from the following image: It is an obvious fabrication; anyone can see that this is staged, Hollywood-style fabricated damage.

Feige, exposing the settler movement as a failure, was assassinated.This would be the last person a dedicated Palestinian resistance fighter would do: that is to kill in cold blood this professor.

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