Live sex chat hacked

04-Apr-2016 10:25

They have also shared videos of them attacking some pornographic Facebook pages.The team had earlier hit the headlines for hacking many Pakistani government and non-government websites as a payback on the fourth anniversary of the deadly Mumbai attacks that claimed more than 150 lives.8L4CK P3RL hacked pornographic facebook page#OP_ONLINE_PROSTITUTION #OP_INDIAN_SEX_CHATTINGToday Kerala Cyber Warriors team member 8L4CK P3RL hacked a page named "Insects only" (similar to "Kochu Sundarikal")https:// were around 28 photo posts related to Pornographic.

"Team Kerala Cyber Warriors has hacked and owned five different pages, including a page with 16,492 likes got hacked named 'Telugu Aunty Andalu', apart from hacking around 50 Facebook profiles related to sex chatting," said the group member.

Kerala Cyber Warriors has also reportedly put out the details of some Facebook users chatting online using fake profiles.