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Jason is young (23) but his family were poachers – he even did this himself until he decided that wasn’t what he wanted for his future or the future of his jungle, so he became a ranger.

The rangers here also work closely with the rangers at Tangkahan.

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Surrounded by Palm Oil, often this is the only choice for local people to make a living – either that or land grabbing to plant crops inside the national park (as there is no space here due to palm oil taking all the land).

Our next destination following Batu Katak was Batu Rong Ring.

I had been here previously for a day trip from Tangkahan on my last visit and was entranced with the place from that brief glimpse.

Even though it’s only 6 weeks since my last visit they have concreted the entry road, put new roof on the kitchen area, tidied up all the little guest cabins, created pathways, cleared shrubs, and prepared to plant a new garden. The whole time I was here I could not take my eyes off the river.

Just looking at it is calming and here I felt a tremendous sense of peace and well being.Our first afternoon here was blissfully lazy – we decided to trek the next morning to avoid the heat of that sunny afternoon.