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04-Mar-2016 02:43

It is the first time the pair have been seen out publicly with his new partner wearing a large diamond ring on her ring finger Born to what she has called 'a very disadvantaged family' in the small town of Panevėžys in central Lithuania, Ms Vzesniauskaite excelled at sport and received a government grant to a specialist sports college.

Her involvement with Mr Caudwell dates back to at least September 2015 - the year after he split from his previous partner - when her organisation helped arrange a cycle ride from Key West to Orlando in aid of his children's charity.

But tonight Phones 4u tycoon John Caudwell, 63, and his new girlfriend, 32-year-old Modesta Vzesniauskaite made their relationship public for the first time but confirmed the large diamond ring she wore on her ring finger was only a gift.

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Lithuanian is particularly interesting among the Indo-European language family, as it is the language that appears to have changed the least over the centuries.Lithuania is a member of the EU, meaning that speaking the Lithuanian language is becoming increasingly important for business; it is also indispensible for anyone wishing to travel or study in this beautiful, fascinating country, or enjoy the wealth of Lithuanian literature.Ms Vzesniauskaite, who has a child from a previous relationship, has been posting photos of herself with Mr Caudwell on her Facebook page for many months, and the couple were last week pictured arm in arm with former racing driver Mika Hakkinen.The businessman, who sold the Phones 4u for £1.5billion in 2006, has three children from his first marriage to Kathryn Mc Farlane, his teenage sweetheart and a former librarian. It then emerged that another six members of his family and their immediate circle, including Libby’s yacht-broker boyfriend Simon Morgan, 28, Caudwell’s former partner of 15 years Claire Johnson and their son Jacobi, at 11 the youngest victim, have received the same diagnosis, bringing the tally of sufferers to an incredible 11 people.

The widow had allowed generations of villagers to freely tour her estate as part of a Buddhist trail she created with her late husband Michael, a company director and fellow convert to the religion, who died from cancer in 2004.'She was completely selfless in giving away her fantastic fruit and vegetables to friends and family as well as sharing her wonderful Buddhist Stupas (that she built with her own hands) with those that chose to walk in the woodland.Lithuanian is the official language of Lithuania where around 3 million people use it on a daily basis, although many Lithuanians also speak Russian.